Sunday, November 2, 2008

The First Howtostretch Video on Youtube!

Check out our first Youtube video, we plan to do one weekly (we have shot three so far). Fun stuff!


Bloggo said...


This is excellent!!! You have a terrific camera presence and you explain what's going in a very succinct way. Much better than drawings with written explanations. I look forward to more videos. I stretch every morning for 30-40 minutes now RELIGIOUSLY and it has improved my health and mindset more than I could have imagined. So keep it up and let your audience find you.

Perry (from the i-BOB list)

howtostretch said...

thanks for the input. Expect a new video every week. My daughter and I did three different stretches yesterday. We have to play with the resolution to make it a little clearer. She is fired up because she loves to work on her computer, she had a great eye for details.

Bloggo said...

I am looking forward to them. I am subscribed to the RSS of your blog and also to your youtube account so no chance I'll miss them. :-)