Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The process so far

I have had to do a fair amount of work (who am I kidding, lots of work) to get this project of having a curriculum of classes on the web. Been staying up till the wee hours of the morning sorting out the details. I needed to update my OS to run Quicktime Pro, to have options for video conversions. I can upload the videos in either .mov or MPEG4 files, still playing with which one is going to work better. (if you have any suggestions, I am all ears).
I have been playing with upload options, and I am going to have to increase the storage capacity on my server to hold all the videos ( I have a lot of material. I taught for over several decades!)
I can only upload the membership software and videos after I upgrade my storage. Every day I get two or three things done. Funny thing, as I finish one thing, I see another that I want/need to do, to have this work out as seemlessly as possible for members.
Will keep you updated, keep checking back!


ashwini said...

thank you! i came across your site today after googling for some stretches. i find it extremely useful, and i will work on the peace challenges and keep you posted!

howtostretch said...

Thanks for visiting! On the youtube page, there are a bunch of videos for you to check out. Any questions, ask!

Linda said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I started to meditate about 4 months ago and long to sit in lotus. I have been experimenting on my own but wanted professional help, so that I could progress faster and without injury. Now I have it. I am 61 and my limitations range somewhere between discouraging to absolutely funny.....

howtostretch said...

thanks for writing. Did you see the video on how to get into lotus? I think it is somewhere on the blog, if not, shoot over to, and look at the lotus exercises.

When I get the full videos up and running, I will be teaching very detailed classes on lotus and variations to open the hips. Very helpful to meditate. BTW, just in case other readers do not know this, in yoga, these postures are called asana. In Sanskrit, "A" means without, "sana", means to sit. Taken together, Asana means to sit without pain. Practicing the stretches allowed the yogis to sit comfortably so they could medidate for hours.

ashwini said...


the videos on youtube are great! thanks!

just one thing- can you suggest some good glute stretches?my right hip is so much tighter than my left one. also i have a lot of right knee pain,and i'm attributing it to tight glutes! or do you think the IT band stretches will work just as well?

do let me know. thanking you in advance!

howtostretch said...

Start with the IT band stretches, and see if that helps. When you have pain issues, you have to stretch as a process of elimination. If you loosen an area, and it helped, that is probably your problem. I say probably, because sometimes there is some muscle compensation going on and you are stretching the "tip of the iceberg", if you will. Let me know. Usually, tight hamstrings or gluts will transfer the weight forward on your knee (the tibial plateau), and this results in pain in the short term, lots of wear and tear in the future. It is easier to fix it now by stretching

howtostretch said...

PS Please post questions on the latest, most recent blogs. I don't get a chance to get to the older ones to answer the questions.