Sunday, November 15, 2009

Closer still

Just an update on what is going on at I have the software installed to allow membership, but need to configure it to my needs. This part will take a few days. I have a few videos (30 min long) ready, they still need a little editing touchup and compression. Even before I can set this up, those videos need to be tested to make sure everyone can see them. As it stands, your computer will need Quicktime to view them. You can get Quicktime for free, so if you don't currently have that software, viewing will not be a problem.
I need to install some new RAM I just purchased as well (I cannot believe how cheap 512 of RAM is these days), but that's just to make things easier and a little faster on my end.
Stay tuned, lots of fun stuff ahead.


balletdancer said...

i stretch home and I have muscle sore since winter began though I stretch slowly & train with legwarmers .can any one help??please!!

howtostretch said...

Read through all the older posts, lots of info here. Then go to my youtube page (under, there are 25 videos on all topics.