Monday, May 3, 2010

Just a note

I get a LOT of questions every day via email. While I would love to answer them all, I don't have time (I have a day job!). So, please, do not take offense if I do not return your email in a timely fashion. I would like to point out that MANY of the questions are answered on my site and this blog, so surf around.

Also, keep in mind, that I lay out the groundwork for how I stretch, how I teach stretching, why I do what I do, on my DVD. Many questions that are posed to me are best answered with a demonstration, because it is hard to cover anatomical references with words. Pictures work better, videos better still.

The DVD is a worthwhile investment for avoiding injuries and learning the "how's and why's" of stretching.

You can purchase my new How To Stretch Vol. 1 here

The cost is $25 plus $6 shipping and handling, payment thru Paypal by either Paypal or major credit card. Thanks!


Jorg de Vos said...

Dear Mark,

First of all, I want to thank you.
For a while I have been looking for a good way to work myself into the lotus position. I found your site incredibly interesting and helpful!

Sorry for asking my question via this comment, but I could not find the e-mail adress to mail you.

At the moment I am still streching my legs by putting my heel (Calcaneous?) against the perineum, and from there slowly work my knee towards the floor. After about 1-2 weeks I have been able to reach the floor while having my leg pretty relaxed. However, in my left knee I feel a pain (only in my left). I do not think it is a muscle, although I am not sure. Do you have any idea what it could be, and how I can work on it? Since it also prevents me from reaching my foot easely upon my other leg (as in the Lotus or Half-Lotus).

Also when I am streching my hamstring, I feel a sort of pain in my knee's, followed up by a lack of blood suply to my lower legs and feet (they will start to tinkle).

Thank you again for all the information found on the website and blog!

Kind regards,
Jorg de Vos (the Netherlands - Holland)

P.S. I am thinking about purchase the DVD, but can I? Since I live in Europe

howtostretch said...

Answered in the post above, see more recent post for info.