Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How is everyone doing with lotus?

Just checking in with my followers: how is it going with your lotus practice? It has been one of the most asked about stretches ever, and I was curious if my videos answered your questions. Post a comment or email me.


Jorg de Vos said...

(I posted this comment on another post, but I realised it would be better to post it here instead. So my excuse for the double posting.)

Dear Mark,

First of all, I want to thank you.
For a while I have been looking for a good way to work myself into the lotus position. I found your site incredibly interesting and helpful!

Sorry for asking my question via this comment, but I could not find the e-mail adress to mail you.

At the moment I am still streching my legs by putting my heel (Calcaneous?) against the perineum, and from there slowly work my knee towards the floor. After about 1-2 weeks I have been able to reach the floor while having my leg pretty relaxed. However, in my left knee I feel a pain (only in my left). I do not think it is a muscle, although I am not sure. Do you have any idea what it could be, and how I can work on it? Since it also prevents me from reaching my foot easely upon my other leg (as in the Lotus or Half-Lotus).

Also when I am streching my hamstring, I feel a sort of pain in my knee's, followed up by a lack of blood suply to my lower legs and feet (they will start to tinkle).

Thank you again for all the information found on the website and blog!

Kind regards,
Jorg de Vos (the Netherlands - Holland)

P.S. I am thinking about purchase the DVD, but can I? Since I live in Europe

howtostretch said...

watch the pain videos on youtube (you can get to the link at howtostretch.com, at the top of the page). It sounds to me like a tendon, but in reality, without seeing you or knowing your history, it is almost impossible for me to say with certainty. Tendons attach muscles to bone. Not sure what to say about the lack of circulation: if you have a previous history of not stretching, your muscles maybe be so tense in some areas that until it loosens up, there is tingling. Or, it could be a medical condition and find a holistic type medical practictioner who understands stretching and consult them.
Yes, my DVD is available internationally, on the order page there is a pull down menu for your location and the proper postage necessary
best of luck

Jorg de Vos said...

Dear Mark,

I have watched the video about pain. I am now giving some extra time on the left knee (like 10 minutes on my right, and 15 on my left) and it seems to fade away a bit :)

It is true that my legs have not been stretched much in the past. I will keep up the stretching and see how it goes! :)

Thanks for your comment, it gives some motivation to keep up the stretching!

Kind regards, Jorg