Friday, January 22, 2010

Maybe a breakthrough

I found a new way to upload large videos onto I will be working on it this weekend, maybe the break I was looking for to be able to launch the membership site.

Regarding the Membership: for $50, you get a three month membership, with unlimited access to detailed videos on stretching, weight lifting for posture correction, how to deal with specific pain issues, how to correct longtime imbalances due to work duties, sleeping habits, one sided sports (golf, surfing, tennis, etc). I walk you through all the problem areas, with information on the physiology as it may apply, and analysis of how your problem may have originated. New videos will be added every two weeks, currently there are about twelve videos ready, which is good. The issue has been that the uploading to my server has been inconsistent. I am on track tho', stay tuned!

Please tell your friends, btw, I appreciate it!

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