Sunday, March 30, 2008

What I learned from my accident

In recovering from my broken arm due to a motorcycle accident about two weeks ago, I have learned a few things. We as humans take for granted something called tendon glide. Tendons attach muscles to bones, and they glide in their sheaths as we move our joints. In the case of my tendons in my wrist, I can no longer do this:

Much less this:

In the case of this picture, when I relax my wrist, it barely bends at all right now.

Needless to say, I am hard at work to restore the tendons so I do not have long term issues with my hand. It is really good that I could do all the stretches I could before the accident. There is definitely some body memory. Funny, it will take longer for me to fix the soft tissue damage to my tendons than for the bone to heal.

PS, thanks for all the DVD orders. I am sure there is enough info on it to keep people stretching until the next DVD comes out. The next project will be an in depth class taught by me with many, many more details than on howtostretch. You can order your Posture DVD here.

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Chris said...

Hi Mark,

I also had an unfortunate accident, but mine involved a table saw. The result was a partially severed thumb, which sliced my tendons and affected the way they slide in their sheath.

Due to great physical therapy and my willingness to constantly manipulate my thumb, I now have great range of motion.

its always the small things that we take for granted.

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