Monday, March 17, 2008


I have not had a lot of time to post lately, been busy with personal projects. One of those projects is my new DVD, "Correcting Posture Through Stretching".

This DVD is appx 36 minutes long and covers the essential stretches necessary to correct postural problems that haunt many people today. The introductory cost is $18 plus shipping, US sales only for now. Limited availability, check the website for details.
  • where posture comes from,
  • how postural defects unfold,
  • what habits affect posture, and
  • which stretches can help correct poor posture! The information is clear, direct, and easy to follow. Click here to find out more info.
Many of you have sent me some great questions, they will be answered in the blog because I think a lot of folks have the same issues and would like to learn more. I will only use initials for names to insure privacy.

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