Saturday, June 26, 2010

DVD Sale and a New Video for you.

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Harry said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks a lot for your videos!

One of my hip joints is really seized up. The other one has responded well to stretching over the last few years (I can pop a mean half lotus on that side!), but Old Sticky on the other side has enjoyed limited improvement in the rotation required for full lotus.

I think my attempts to stretch this sticky hip has put some twist on my knee and causes it trouble; it's clicky and a bit sore at the moment. It often feels a bit weak too. I feel like it's wrong for me to do any stretches that involve loading the knee with any sort of twist at this stage.

I reckon the bad hip is due an old repetitive use-type injury. Any ideas on how to free it up without overloading the knee?

Many thanks,


p.s. I started your karate kicking exercise today, which seems to be a great way of warming up for the other stretches.

howtostretch said...

sorry for the delay. I read your post and it seems like something is stuck somewhere else, perhaps your hip, perhaps your iliotibial band. This is one of those questions that falls under the medical realm because there is so much I don't know: age, old injuries, sports, habits, work, etc. Usually if the innate intelligence of your body tells you not to load your knee with a twist, don't.
Read through the whole blog, and watch all my vids on youtube. You may find a workaround that allows you to work some other muscles in the area which may be contributing to this issue. If not, consult a professional and get it looked at.

Harry said...

Thanks, Dr. M.

Yeah the IT Band thing makes sense. I'll add a stretch for that to my routine and see how it goes. I'm mid thirties and had a pretty sedentary lifestyle for quite a few years (desk job and lack of exercise). I tried taking up running for a while a few years ago and might have injured myself doing that (I didn't stretch properly). I'm not overweight or anything. I've taken to either walking or swimming every day more recently.

Thanks again,