Thursday, February 18, 2010

My New DVD

In a few weeks, I will have available a new DVD, Stretch with Dr. Mark, Vol. 1.
It is finished, and the artwork is being completed in the next few days. After that, off for replication! I am hoping to have it for sale by early March. The topics on this DVD are:
  1. Stretching 101 : how to start stretching, even if you never have! A lot of info for common difficulties and how to work them out.
  2. Stretch Class 1: this is how I would actually run a class for my students and patients. You can participate along with the video.
  3. Stretch Class 2: Another follow along class, different than the first. I have so much to share it will be done over many classes like these.
  4. Squatting: A more in depth tutorial on a very important stretch.
  5. Core Exercises: we can't leave out strengthening exercises. This video begins to show what can be done to strengthen your core muscles, and stabilize your spine. There will be other classes like this, including some weight training.
  6. Lotus: This is a long tutorial on lotus and how to work on the posture. I get more emails about this stretch than any other! Lotus opens areas of the hips/knees/low back in ways other stretches cannot.
Keep checking, I will post when it is ready on, my youtube site, and this blog. Thanks!

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