Friday, January 23, 2009

Some Historical Photos

Here are a few photos I found. In the first one, my karate teacher, Mr. Michael Masley, and I are freesparring in 1978. Mr. Masley was Dr. Sohn's top karate student/teacher. He was amazing. His flexiblity was incredible. Mr. Masley began his studies under Dr. Sohn at age 9, and by age 12, he achieved first degree black belt. At the time, (1963 or 1964 IIRC) Mr. Masley was the youngest black belt in the country. Also, he was tested by Dr. Sohn's teacher from Korea, Master Ahn Kyong Wan. Master Ahn held young Michael to ADULT standards when he was trained/tested. There were no children's classes, no pads on the hands or feet, and he had to fight (spar) adults who were instructed not to "go easy" because he was a young boy.

In the second picture, I am about to begin teaching a class, circa 1994. Note how we started the class the same as recommended under the stretch page on

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