Thursday, January 31, 2008

90 days to make it a habit

My Teacher taught me all kinds of things. I will pass one idea on that will help you in your stretch goals. Perhaps the idea will apply to other goals as well. He once told me it takes ninety days to make a habit. If you practice everyday for ninety days, the act of practicing will come naturally, and you don't have to "work" to fit it in your day.
The most common thing I hear from patients and students is that they cannot stick with the program they set out to accomplish. Their effort falls short, with all the usual justifications: fatigue (I am tired when I get home from work) boredom (I just can't do the same routine all the time), forgetfullness (I was going to stretch but started watching American Idol), you get the idea.

If you push past the excuses and do it anyway, after ninety days, your routine will become second nature. Your stretch will improve, but you still have to work at improving it. The ACT of stretching will have become a habit, and great things can come from that. Just getting down on the floor to stretch will be easy.

Now, the rub: If you stretch for sixty days, and take one day off, the next day you stretch, it is not day 61. IT IS DAY ONE! That's right. You have fallen short of the goal of making stretching a habit. Not that your actual flexibility has been hampered by a few days off. Not at all. That is not the subject of this post. If you want to make stretching a habit, you have to work at it. Something to ponder.


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